***Important update***

Regretfully, we are cancelling our regular scheduled contra dances on Friday, March 20, and Friday, April 17. It is a delight to see you every month and share the joy of dancing to live music.  Due to the current public health situation, we feel that we need to take a break from dancing for the health of our community. Unfortunately the close contact inherent in contra dancing makes it seem a particularly good way to spread coronavirus. We will miss you and look forward to dancing with you again once it is safer to do so.

We are hoping to hold our dance on May 15.  Please check here for updates as that date gets closer.


Contra Dancing is a fun social community dance. Our dance is open to all regardless of experience. Come join us in strengthening the Hillsboro community through music and dance. Live music is played and consists of, but not limited to, Irish, Scottish, Old-time and French-Canadian folk tunes. Beginner-level instructions are given 30 minutes before the regular dance begins.

Upcoming Dances

Canceled event: March 20th * Roy Ward * UnLeashed!

Canceled event: April 17th * William Watson * Hat Band

May 15th * William Watson * Joe Root and Alan Snyder

June 19th * Open Band & Open Mic — Special Event


Contra dancing is a form of social folk dancing that has its origins in New England.  It has roots in English country dance, Scottish country dance, and some French dance styles.

As part of its nature as a social dance, one can attended a contra dance without a partner. 

Contra dances are typically structured such that new dancer can join for an entire evening of dancing with no previous experience.  The figures are taught by a caller.  The music is performed by a live band.

The music played in contra dancing can include Irish, Scottish, English, French-Canadian, and old-time folk tunes.  Popular instruments include the fiddle, the guitar, the accordion, and the piano.

You can read more about contra dancing in general at Wikipedia.